God is Love

Faith in God and obedience to His commandments go hand in hand. Only the Holy Spirit can produce love in ones life. Love is a gift given to one who accepts Jesus Christ as their Savior. As the individual obeys the commandments of His Holy Word this love grows and develops in his character. A peace that passes all understanding is present in his life regardless of the earthly circumstances. God has given him this wonderful free gift. The individual is responsible for how he uses this gift.

God has a plan for each individual. He promises that if we live in constant fellowship with the Holy Spirit, He will teach, direct and guide us in the fulfillment of His plan for us as individuals.

Love never hurts others. We must live that way! Loving is obeying this commandment.

Do not judge others. You are to simply love others. You will help others much more when your attitude is loving, kind and unselfish.

Pray for each other so that we grow in tender love. May God love others through us in all circumstances. Surrender up to the love that has been given to you as a gift from God and He will teach you how to love others in all circumstances.

If you are truly Spirit-filled, you will bear fruit. Fruit is the standard by which your walk with God can be measured. The Bible is very clear at this point. You must realize that your gifts and natural talents can not be substitutes for fruits of the Spirit. Certain gifts and talents have a high entertainment value and when exploited in the right way, can be real crowd pleasers. But none of these things are indications that you are under the control of the Holy Spirit. If you claim to be singing, preaching, dancing, painting or doing miracles by the power of the Spirit but exhibit no fruit of the Spirit in your life, you are either lying or you are very confused. God is Love!