Peace that Passes Understanding

“If anyone believes in me, rivers of living water will flow out from that person’s heart, as the Scripture says, Jesus is talking about the Holy Spirit.” John 7:37, 38

Wait patiently for the Holy Spirit to control your thoughts, words and actions in all circumstances. Never stop serving and honoring Jesus Christ because of suffering nor because of fear.

Plan your time around your prayer time. Always make time in your schedule for quiet meditation on the scriptures in the Holy Bible. Jesus Christ will reward you with a peace that passes all understanding. He will be with you in sorrow and suffering. He will never desert you.

As I lay in a hospital bed at Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana after an emergency appendectomy, I wondered “Why me Lord, it hurts so bad?” then I added “Lord I know that You are going to turn this around and use it for your glory.”

He did use it for His glory. He gave me an opportunity to give the Holy Bible to a dear sick woman that lay in the bed next to me. Six weeks later she died holding the Bible. The last person she called was me to say “Thank you for the Bible, I have read it daily and I know the Lod is with me. He is giving me great comfort and assuring me that I will be in eternity with Him.”

Agree with God that you are strong and courageous. Do what God has called you to do. He wants to use you in spite of your weaknesses, so don’t focus on your weaknesses. Focus on Jesus Christ and what He will do through you. You will become so full of the blessings of the Holy Spirit that you will overflow with joy regardless of the circumstances.

You will always have your needs me in abundance as you supply the needs of others. You will be like a fountain of clear water flowing into the river of God and flowing into the lives of others.