It seems like only yesterday that we cradled our first wonderful grandchild in our arms. Now with many more grandchildren and great-grandchildren we cherish being called “Dodaddy” and “Memama.”

Many of our most vivid heartwarming memories are associated with our family and friends eating, laughing and sharing with each other.

We have spent more than fifty years managing some of the finest country clubs in this great nation. We’ve lived in Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas, Pennsylvania and Ohio meeting people and working in the hospitality industry – truly a half century labor of love.

Now that we are approaching the eighty-year mark in our lives we are making the most of continuing our hospitality to others. Hospitality doesn’t happen automatically – there must be a continuous effort to provide a warm and loving environment along with serving the very best quality of local specialty food – seafood in our restaurant.

Everyone dreams of living in a cozy little town like Port St Joe where we love God, our family and our country. People are friendly and courteous while we serve them seafood, grits and sweet tea and say, “Ya’ll come back” in an authentic southern drawl. We offer true Southern Hospitality.

Owning Dodaddy’s Seafood Restaurant was on our bucket list!

We hope ya’ll come by to see us – you will always be welcome.


Warren and Eve-Anne Wall

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